Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm in class today learning about tools to help with blogs, such as photobucket, to use to upload images, and qumana, which can be give you word processing capabilities and post to multiple blogs at one time. These tools are free, though you can get an optional for-pay version of photobucket with greater capacity and no ads.

Powered by Qumana

This is my school yearbook picture, 2005-2006.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


This is Barbara Fleischman. I'm a middle-level science teacher who's hobby is habitat restoration. I've started this blog to reach out to other educators who want to bring more environmental eduaction to their classrooms, or who are working as environmental educators.

I'm looking to explore and learn about:
  • using writing to connect students to the social and community impact of science
  • using technology (blogs, webpages, wiki, podcasts, vodcasts) so students can publish and experience contribute to the body of science knowledge
  • how do we get the students to appreciate and value the local habitat, not just far away exotic things like rainforest and mountains?
  • how do we get time to get students outside? and many other questions